Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

Great !

I Liked this game alot. it remind me alot of a DiabloII kinda game lol. the items stat were quite cool to figure out, many of the stats were similiar in D2 so i was able to pick some decent equipement ^^. some few things make it annoying. like when you clear and Island they say you can travel to next island or continue playing here.. but theres not way to stay here you only have to travel and cant come back ? Also the ennemy are able to hit you from so far and so impossible angle lol. like if ur near an ennemy that hit forward, even if ur almost behind he still hit you its like impossible to dodge or almost.


Dont get me wrong, this is a superb RPG, however it is brought down by such a lack of variety. In addition, some features such as upgrading weapons and armour seem rather lackluster as they can potentially be swapped out at any time leaving the whole process rather pointless.
The music could also be expanded upon as hearing the same victory jingle 70 times in a row gets annoying and combat needs more depth than running around in circles and power-drinking potions when your health/mana gets low.

Like it

I'm not a fan of RPG games but I liked that one. I manage to beat 5-6 islands that I got stuck. I was level 51 but it was way too easy.

I tried the hardcore mod but when leaving a monster map I got this : http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/26 37/sansreuc.jpg

I couldn't choose any town, I can't drag the map so that was it... :(

lvl 38 Mage got tierd

Good game, I wish there was auto battles for lower enemies and auto sell of stuff that is low grade stuff. Maybe a teleport spell of your own?

Many games like this have a book of everything in the game, so I was a bit niffed leveling up armour to then find a better armour a bit further down the corridor.

Need coup-de-gra kill animations:P


Its a good RPG but after awhile it got way too easy.
For example i got 200+ str + lv8 bloodlust + enough pots = everything tooo easy.
IF it got harder after each island i would of probably given this game a 10, good game none the lessXD