Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"


didnt really care for the fact that to kill most of the bosses you had to grind forever or you would get face raped... other than that great job hope to see more games


Good game, but it gets repeditive after 1 or 2 islands. Try for more variety in the monsters? Perhaps make certain abilities more effective against some monsters?(when you can twirl to win only, it gets a lil boring) Also, the fact that you just get to the point where you pretty much can outdo any damage the enemy does with the healthsteal is a little overkill. Perhaps make it so enemies scale with lvl? Its also annoying to get hundreds of items of another class, so the overload of items is a little annoying. Good game, but it could use some more things than just the same 6 or so monster types just attacking you, with varying strength based on the monster's rank.

I like, but a few comments

It all works pretty well until I've been playing for about ten minutes. Then it starts glitching to where everything kills me in one hit. I'm talkin' it says its doing 50 damage and then I'm dead. I usually have to go out to the main menu and then come back in to make it work and by doing that it completely changes everything I've been doing and it's an uber pain. I do like the game though, it's fun. The difficulty is fair and I like being able to customize my weapons.

My Thoughts...

This game is a fine RPG, don't get me wrong however you must agree with me when I say that the character you play with has to CONSTANTLY SAY THE SAME THINGS! It's quite annoying and while I would like to see you make a sequel, please add more variety to the sound track of each character but also decrease the frequency that the character announces that they are attacking an enemy. Really now, while having characters that aren't as boring as a brick wall is great and all, do people honestly need their warriors saying "TAKE THIS" in a gruff tone on and on and on... I'm not trying to insult your skills as a programmer, I'm only offering constructive criticism because I believe your game has a lot of potential.


Kinda Boring but still great.