Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

Very engaging game

A bug or two. Mostly frustrating because locations ended up being on the edge of the map or not at all....
Graphics good but could use more customization on the character
Game guide down...does it help to match the colors of the items, names, etc. like the sets in Diablo 2?
Kept me playing but starts being repetitive to the point where I don't engage monsters because it takes too long.


That's a nice feature

Very amazing

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this game. Then I found out, not only is it awesome but it is the best rpg that I have played besides The Elder Scrolls series. Very good job and I hope to see very much more good games from you.

nice one :D

Its a pretty good game that kept me playing for 4 days now. But it starts to get boring, because there's nothing new to achieve. I built up a warrior (level 106 now), based on strength and i just rape everything in my path. 1x sonic and 3-4x blood lust and an elite monster is down. I have over 81 million gold and nowhere to put it in. There are no new monsters, no new challenges and nothing else to interest me since the third island. Im on the 6th island now, i know what im talking about. With each island the number of towns, quests and dungeons grows, thats all. But I had a funtime playing it. Good job :P
I also tried the bonus mods but they are not my taste. I tried supermod + sandbox + impossible... well, I got raped like hell. xD

PS: If you make a sequel:
- add more monsters ( at least 1 every second island)
- add special features (like poison, confusion or boosts) to the skills
- add more soundtracks and animations
- a storyline would be nice with an endless mode after the final boss
- do something with the equipment names. They confuse me somehow. In the shops I have to look up the stats of everything I want to sell, because I might sell something useful I want to wear later.

Thats all and sorry for my bad gramma and any mistakes. English is not my mother tongue. ;3


This is a game to remember...
it's really cool, and I could not stop playing.
It's a cool game in general