Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

good game but needs to be fixed

man i am so damn mad right now this is an awesome game and i had so much fun playing it but you really need to fix it though i mean i had a level 64 warrior and then i went to play it today and my save file was erased this would get a perfect 10 but because of this it's getting a 5 please fix it and i may play it again thanks...ps i'm not trying to be mean i'm just a little upset ok

Got game but a bug got me

A really good game and it's great to see an a beat'em up RPG on here. Only things I didn't like was everything started to feel the same after the first island and when I was done my last quest the game didn't go on, reloading the same thing happened over and over where I go to the quest giver I'd level up and then nothing.

But it was fun, new, and I enjoyed it.

very nice game but..

im really missing an ending :(
where is lina?

Magi: The Fallen World

The game is quite enjoyable in some parts, but other parts it needs improvement.
What mostly caught my eye was the graphics and the combat movements. It is unlike anything i have seen here on Newgrounds, and for that i give you props. What was most disappointing was the glitching and at one time while i was playing, the game froze and i was unable to continue my adventure. Other then that, it as a very entertaining game and it held my attention. (8/10)

missing link

very good npc game, however, i managed to get to level 43 warrior, unitl with 3 castles where occurred an bug in system - 2 quests stating that i have go to this place however the place dosent exist ton the map. Big shame i love playing this game