Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

Decent game

But it feels too long. There's not enough character customisation or variety of enemies to really keep you interested past the 3rd island.

Oh and to answer some questions I've seen in other reviews:

Item quality seems to be: White < Blue < Yellow < Green < Purple < Red

And you can use the arrow keys to move the island map around. Not sure why this isn't explained anywhere, considering cities and dungeons can appear completely off-screen.


I played this 9 hours straight lol : DDDd it OWNS!


The game is good, plays smooth, battle is smooth (odd voices) .....story?


Really great flash game but here are what I think would make it a lot funner:

- Being able to see your gear change on your character, particularly weapons

- Being able to choose what skills you level instead of finding random books

- Sorting the books and potions from the rest of the crap, it became really annoying to scroll through my huge bag looking for them and double clicking them. You could even make it so you automatically get the skill or stat up without double clicking them, whats the point of not doing that?

- Some feature which shows you the stat differences between your equiped and the item youre selecting for you. The gear in this game has TOO many different kinds of stats, it's a massive pain to look at all of them and try to work out which item is better when you're constantly looting so many items.

- Unless I missed something it was never explained what colour = better quality item, for example is yellow or purple better?

- You cannot click where an enemy is standing. That means if you run away from an enemy and they chase you and they are at your back, you cannot turn around to face them to attack them because you can only turn around by clicking to move somewhere and you can't click under the monster, so it could be REALLY frustrating to try and turn around to hit an enemy which was at your back.

- On some islands the dungeons and cities randomised locations would put them half off the screen, it was a little dodgey and confusing

- Please make the dungeons you've already done all the quests in have their icon change colour or something. Have a feature where when you hover over a dungeons icon you can see what you still need to do there.

- From my experience, Warriors are WAY stronger than mages, seriously over powered. Mages have to level intellect and vitality if they don't want to be massacred due to how clunky kiting is in this game. Where as warriors only need to level STR, because STR doesn't just give them more damage it gives them more health AND more bag weight. This seems completely unfair, to get health, bag capacity and attack from one stat. At the same level my warrior was doing more damage with like 10 times more health.

I like your loading screen.

And I haven't seen anything past that. Just thought I should compliment you on a delicate looking loading screen. :)