Reviews for "Magi: The Fallen World"

Very nice

As a huge Diablo fan I can't help adoring this game :) First island is quite linear as far as I reached but we'll see :) In overall good job at making game that ate last four hours of my life, without me noticing it ;p


it was good at start, but it gets boring after saving one island you only do the same things as in the previous islands collect,kill monsters.

should have given a 10 but i deducted 2points..I did liked the game the only thing is., I got bored.

the map sound

the map sound reminds me of black swan....lol

Very nice simple rpg

This is a very nice, no bull hack'n'slash rpg.
For a flashgame, it has huuuuuge amounts of playability.. I've been playing it for hours :)
I especially like the skill system.. using books to upgrade your skills adds an element of randomness and makes you want to keep hunting!
I love the graphics, they are simple and not too hard on the eyes although the whole game and it's interface is very good looking :)

The gameplay is very slow and slightly tactical in the harder bosses, You are going to die a few times but you will want to keep playing..
My only complaint is that it completely lacks any story, and the names of things are very non-memorable.

I still had lots of fun playing it, I still am, and I thank you for leting the public play it for free:)
8/10, Couldn't possibly ask for more in a timewaster :)

Sorry but...

There have been some issues while playing this game. On random occasions the adobe menu box pops up with the request of uploading data due to lacking a flash drive or something of that case?

I have the latest update of both firefox and adobe flash player. Plus the box won't allow me to click on either of the buttons of 'allow' or 'deny'

This minor issue is the cause of a heavy loss of interest in what is a potentially good game. Got as far as the second island, but the constant interruptions were enough to cause me to discontinue the game.

Please fix this problem or have the system requirements on your description please.