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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

it was a great story and all but. . .

You know that re-deads are actually made of magic right?

I was thinking that at the very begining when the hand popped out of the grave.
don't get me wrong its a wonderful animation.

Eastbeast responds:

Yup they sure are ;) good observation

Thanks for the review.

I hate nintendo so much.

They're creatures animated to look like humanoid shapes and then they are zombies in majora's mask. Can't they make up their minds? Moving On. I did like the small plot of this flash and I would very much like to see a sequel. 9/10 4/5

Eastbeast responds:

Yeah an evil corperation that creates nightmares for kids like me with their cryptic monsters. Thanks for the review :)

Just a little short of a masterpiece

All i have to say is Bravo my good sir, Bravo.

The story itself was excellent and it alone deserves the 10. Not many zombie/zombie like creature stories manage to interest me. This was an exception. The music was the KILLING (bad pun i know) point for me as well as a huge throwback to two of my favorite games. The reference to a certain CreepyPasta (backwards Song of healing thrown in there) may have been unintentional, it may not have have been, but it still creeps me the fuck out XD. After watching many times to get the full effect of it (looking for small things people miss the first or second time around) the subtle things put in there, like the dogs grave, were pretty neat. The art design stayed true to the games which i though was a nice touch, and the Peter and the Wolf method of telling the story (each character gets a "theme song" instead of dialogue) was also pretty well executed. The animation (which even i admit needs some work) shouldn't define this piece in anyway, as so many movies/games do these days.

Also to user oracularproductions I'm glad you did that. Nice one ^^

Eastbeast responds:

I enjoyed reading your review, you seemed to have caught most of the things I really wanted to convey. I didn't expect the animation to do so well, but now that it did, I can only hope it touches people. Thank you for your substance filled review. :)

its preety good

so good i logged on to comment
is it me or is this a reference to majora´s mask? when you find the guy who is half monster or something?
when i saw the preloader i wasn´t expecting much
but as the story passed by it kept my interest growing
i find your animation style kind of weird
but i really enjoyed it, it looked nice
and kept me thrilled
sad ending tho
good job

A Concept of a Dream

This video kind of scared me because I too had a dream similar to this. Mine was about me being in Hyrule Fields, but I was going into Market at night, it being so dark and me going into a back alley, no one around, and me expecting to see a Redead.

Watching this made me relive that dream I had, which made it scarier because it was quite frightening, and what made this great was the music you used, really brought out the the emotion of the movie. Also, I love Zelda, so you get a perfect score from me!

Eastbeast responds:

Thats an interesting dream you had as well. Yeah I think these monsters have some effect on the subconcious. I'm glad you liked the music :)