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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

Touching : (

I do not not if anyone has made a post like this (and I am not going to look for it).
But this video made me sad, and not a lot things make me feel sad.
Great job.

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for taking the time to share your feelings. Hopefully I wasn't being sad just for the sake of it, I just wanted to make something moving. Thanks for watching


I knew i recognized the characters and while this isnt a perfect piece, its excellent for its tie-in with the story from MM. Great work.

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for the review slingshot24, I may have a sequel with voices, so I'll give you a holler when that time comes :)

simply amazing

Not only did it follow the Zelda lore itself from Majora's Mask, but you made it a story in and of itself.
There was no need for dialogue because in the game, people do not actually speak, you only read text anyway.
Great animation, can't wait to see more of your work!

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks I intend to start on new flash projects soon!


I loved it, though it was sad too!
I liked how you used the new Twilight Hylian in the flash too so people could read it ^^

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks I wish I could say that was intentional, but I just went off of whatever alphabet was available. Thanks for the review :)

sorry, I don't really follow zelda too much

(last one I played was ocarina of time) never got to try majora's mask but I did think the zombie looked familiar, love zelda though, just couldn't keep up with the times. I gotta say, great story, and I like the way the zombie looked, it was more villiany, like a zombie mask of another zombie, a phychokillerzombie, very cool.

Eastbeast responds:

Its all good, but I'd highly recommend majora's mask. You should recommend this for the zelda collection too :P lol