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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

incredible music score

the animation didnt really keep me interested in the story but i loved the ambience. solid flash

not bad.rather evil >=D

the story,music n'stuff was good and all but,but i wouldn't give a ten for it.
the characters were well done,but not their animations.-1
did you know shadows had to stick on the object that is making the shadow?
the shadow going near the bed had feets,wich were attached to nothing.not normal,
even counting that a redead's attack isn't normal.-1
i liked how you used oot's already made screams,and how the redead looked better than in oot :D+1
perspective was a little bit messed up,mostly with the tomb in itself...-1
but yeah,ur learning.why am i saying this?
oh yeah...i forgot.we learn from errors.
ne ways,you truly did capture the anxiety and momentum,so did logical defiance.
onto that, it does a 9/10 basis.
i think that's about it.i hope for a sequel,or revamped version tho :P


haha i see the final refrence there to majoras mask =P good idea, never considered the Redead below the graveyard would ever attack, hope to see a sequel.

Eastbeast responds:

Ha thanks for the review, yeah I think there just may be a sequel ;)

Not my cup of tea

I don't enjoy the drawing style and the animation wasn't really that great, it didn't really hold me. Sorry Bud.

4 for hard work and being good enough for front page material.

Poor lady

Where's Link when we need him?!?!?! haha nice flash dude

Eastbeast responds:

He's just probably traveling through time or some shit, haha thanks man