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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

freaking link

the jerk keeps playing the sun's song!

all in all, i loved it. gave your own little plot line to the story of majora's mask. nice =)

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks :)

good job

good Job. you have just realized what I thought would happen considering that kakariko is right be side a grave yard. Again good job. the only reason I gave it a 9 I was unsure about who the person in the institutuion was. keep it comming

Eastbeast responds:

Yes my original inspiration for doing this was that reason. Btw the man in the shack was her father. Thanks for watching :)


While the animation and sound could have been better, I enjoyed how you tied the father into Majora's world at the end with his mummy face. All together nice work.

Eastbeast responds:

Great, thanks for the review :)


...was just amazing. Everything creeped me out. From the intelligent, horrible creature, to the soundtrack, noises and animation!
I thought the animation, as weird as it was, suited the movie fantastically.
I gladly put it on my Favorites list.

Eastbeast responds:

My flash is honored to be on your fav list. Thx for the review, I enjoyed reading it :)

poorly animated, but with a good story

I like the concept but the fact that most of your characters are clearly just livetraced official artwork is very off putting

Eastbeast responds:

Yeah I need to work on my animation skill with more free formed characters, thx for the review