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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"


The music, sound effects, the graphics...It makes me reminisce back to my childhood when Ocarina of time was still in the spotlight, and making LOZ flash movies was all the rage. Brilliant! Especially for your second non-sprite animation.
Kudos to you! You make me happy.

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for the review, Jack. I'm glad to send you nostolgia tripping thats a hard feat in todays times haha keep checking up on my page if I make something new :)

i do not feel it

sorry bad

this is revenge all the way

nice work, truly nice work!!

Eastbeast responds:

Thankyou for the comment! I was hoping everyone gets something different out of this, and it seems like you've captured one of its themes, however, I think there may be a few stronger themes present as well. :)

outside of the box

so THAT's why he needed healing in majora's mask.

this also explains why he was studying the whole "stone tower" thing

yes i know there is no REAL reason,but it's nice to see that someone has an idea.

That was...

Amazing. It all makes sense why that guy would go through that much trouble to figure out how a redead works, hoping to resurrect his dead wife. That poor girl... her dog died, her mom died, and her dad goes insane... what a life...

9/10 (-1 for the lackluster animation, but hell, its better than I can do)
PS, make a sequel if you ever get inspiration.