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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

i love

when i see a good animation and at the end they put a good song

i hope to see more, u are very good at it

Eastbeast responds:

All credit for music should go to LogicalDefiance. Thanks for the review

plot hole

I remembered that the undead from Zelda disappear or disintegrate when touched by sunlight. Yet nothing happened to him when they left him out in the sun. The reason they didn't die when link was older was because of either the cloud (clouds = no sunlight) or because of Ganondorf's stronger magic.

(I don't mean anything by this) If someone is going to base the storyline in a movie, game, another story, or real life, they need to stick with the reasoning in that world.

THEN AGAIN, I don't remember when this part in the game took place. If it was after he traveled to the future then ignore all that;s above.(Which now that I think about, might be when he went to the future)

But I haven't played the old Zeldas in sooo long. :C

I miss them, and you brought back some memories of the game.

Well, the animation wasn't horrible, but not great either. Like you said though, you're still learning.

I think you should still try and work on this, fixing the (maybe) plot hole and animation. It's a pretty good size as well, but maybe it could be longer.

In order to get some good angles, might I suggest walking around in the Zelda game and use the angles in the game to use as a model. I'm pretty sure this'll help tremendously.

- side note

When you get a lot better, I would suggest making perhaps a series for the time when link traveled through time. When the zombies took over the castle town.

Eastbeast responds:

It doesnt say anywhere in the game that about the redead dying from the sun. If you can find it I'd love to hear it, and you should pm me, but I think you are refering to the "Sun Song" which when played stunned them for a bit, not even killing them. Anyway I'm not out to prove you wrong, just showing that I did my homework ;) Thanks for the review

I agree

This animation was awesome everything about it and it was also a sad story giving it relief to some things so good job and keep up the good work.

Eastbeast responds:

Glad you liked it :)


love zelda horror, you did one of the best i have seen in a while, looking forward to the sequel.

Eastbeast responds:

Thank you :)

Missing piece

The redead is supposed to hump it's victims,not slap them.