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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

The story was perfect ,but...

the animation looks as if a seven year old child had drawn it. I am sorry if that was offending; there was no other way to put into words how I felt about it. The story was great, but I am not a Zelda fan so it was confusing. In conclusion: I would give 9 for the story, 1 for animation. Sorry, but it's how I feel about it.


This was great. Good job on making a dream you had come to life. I don't think anybody on newgrounds should really be commenting on graphics...that's not really what flash is about. Your animations are fine, the story is solid. Nice throwback with the original music, watching this makes me really want to play Majora's Mask again!

I look forward to seeing more from you, hopefully Zelda stuff as well!


Eastbeast responds:

Making you want to play old video games is all I can ask for. I just beat windwaker right now for the sake of nostolgia. Thanks for the review :)

I watched this a few days ago

I like it more now ive watched it again the hype is well earned

Eastbeast responds:

Glad you wrote a review :)

Good Job

8/10 was generous, but this was very good for your second animation! You need some work with tweening and stuff but you seem to have a natural talent for this. In particular the scene when the zombie's hand was reaching inside the door it bothered me because it didn't look very "natural" I guess. The music was very cool and I thought the redead was drawn very well. It captured the creepiness and scariness it had in ocarina of time. It also looked very "dark" and awesome. The way the humans were drawn kinda creeped me out, lol, but thats pretty much how they look in the zelda games. Some humans were pretty odd-looking.

This flash makes me want to see a zombie movie with all the zombies replaced with redeads, lol. Also I'm pretty sure that since redeads are minions they do not follow the normal rules of zombies. On the other hand, creative license allows you to do whatever you want.

In any case, keep doin' your stuff, cuz its good!

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for the review man, I will keep that in mind for my next animation also thanks for specifying on a certain part, like the hand, so I have something to work off of. :)


Its gives a sad but brilliant backstory to the girl of the windmill in majora's mask, One of my favorite games.

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks. I wouldn't call it an official backstory though, just a fan piece :) Thanks for the review :)