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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

Good for a second flash!

Nice original story based in the Zelda world. I was expecting Link to appear at some point but it was still interesting none the less!

I didn't know this was only your second attempt at making an animation! Great work for your second attempt (my second attempt was much worse lol) My favorite thing about this was the use of color- very vibrant and you chose lots of great purples and stark contrasts that really remind me of the majora's mask art style. I also loved the cinematic camera angles- you really have an eye for setting the mood in that way.

The thing that bothered me the most was the character animation. If seems like nearly all of this was tweened. In some places that works just fine but in others it looks very awkward. I used to only tween when I first started using flash but after reading some books on traditional 2D animation I realized that frame by frame animation is MUCH more effective and much less restrictive. Try learning some frame by frame techniques and implimenting that into the tweening techniques that work well in your animations.

Thanks for sharing this! :D

Eastbeast responds:

Yeah I wanted to have the charcters try to hold their own without Link because I really admire them :) So far I am incredibley grateful for the constructive comments I've recieved about this, especially from and artist that inspires me such as you. Yeah this wouldn't have made it without the darkness of major that I love so much. The most that I could ask is that people want to revisit the game after this.

You know you are absolutely right! Frame by frame is my logical next step, so maybe you could pm me some pointers on where to begin with that. haha I sure love to throw that camera around. ffex is showing me how to make it less squishy, thank you for your review :)


I'd call it more-so a tragedy. But regardless, it really was horrifying to see something like that. I'm rather surprised that this hasn't been thought up.

The drawing doesn't have to be top notch. As long as you put in a serious effort and played to the plot well. In fact, the drawings weren't all that bad at all. The music's simple yet scratchy tone made it feel like a horror film from the 80s (which is good, by the way) so it created more of an eerie feeling to the entire thing.

You can't help but feel bad for the girl in the end. You really can't. I am happy to see that this isn't some boring, usual flash trying to be funny with stupid punchlines but actually brings something to the table. Imagine if this happened in the games. Now THAT'S something to ponder about.

If this flash is not on the top 20 of some kind, I'm going to break somebody's neck. You did a good job with this.

Eastbeast responds:

yeah you know I was dissapointed ng doesn't have a genre for tragedy on their scrolly thing, huh. Thank you for the review, so far they all have surpassed my expectations. Zelda fans this one is for us! haha no seriously I really wanted to comment on something that made my heart sink to a different place in my body whenever I though about this. Thank you for your generous score, I'll keep trying to make good stuff and get better :)