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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

Why haven't I reviewed this yet? Or favourited it?

I remember watching it years ago and being awestruck by it.

The animation was decent, at times it was stiff, other times that seemed to work in the favour of the feeling of the flash.

The sound effects were great and re-deads are plenty scary enough with their hideous scream.

Overall, this flash is brilliant. I feel the plot was actually quite strong and that's why it's got so many STARS. YAY STARS!

With so many Zelda flashes out there, I felt that you really made it your own with your style and storytelling, rather than resort to a limp, skill-less parody.

Excellent work, keep it up! Looking forward to more of your work.

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for your review, I'm glad it effected you. it has been awhile since I looked back at this too by the way haha. Currently we have another zelda project in the works that is similarly dark but different story. It is a bit away from being done, but I can assure you the animation has greatly been improved. Maybe if you'd like to beta test it for me, I can put you on the project manager? PM me if you are interested!


wtf this obviously took place in ocorina of time and those characters aren't in that game

wha- what wait
thats a redead and the father becomes a gibdo isnt that strange cuz gibdo are like mommies and redead are zombies so the dad must be turned to a redead not a gibdo but its cool


Where teh hell was Link in all of this? Jesus Christ!


wow you made this on a dream you had? thats werid because i had a dream exactly like this try and make another one as part two