Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"


It's a nice idea and there's a lot of potential, but you have a lot of improvements to do as well.

1. The badges don't give any points. That's sad and sucks.
2. There's the already mentioned freeze, when the boss reaches the eggs.
3. It's much too short.
4. The eating of your killed enemies doesn't work properly every time, I think.

If you manage to make it more extensive and fix the bugs, this will be quite popular for sure! More bosses, more enemies, more waves in general. And of course more mutations and upgrades.

Keep up the work!

MrRandomist responds:

1. its not up to us, but newgrounds itself we just have to wait for approval :(
2. it should be fixed, should be....

thanks, im hoping some of the reviews will turn over our other artist in making a sequel....

Just sitting here...

...looking at the middle of the egg colony. Yep. Awesome.

Music is annoying too.

MrRandomist responds:

sorry about that, update is in review right now should be fixed in the next 24/48 hours!

Insta win bug

Pressed Z = insta evolution won the game in 10 seconds heh ...

MrRandomist responds:

call it a gift from a forgetful programmer!

what about the friggin' lions?

I don't see no damn lions. Where are my damn lions? I want lions, dagnammit! Lions lions lions! Well, maybe if I make it further into the game I see where the lions come in, but it's just not interesting enough for me to play again. The gameplay is too monotonous.

MrRandomist responds:

:( the only lions you see in the game is in the beginning cut scene otherwise the lion are just swept under the carpet. we want friggin bugs not lions as the theme told us to, cause we're rebels.

wasnt toooo bad

wish everything wasnt just black and white,hard to tell if a bug is eating your hill when there are corpses piled up,and this was way to short i wouldve liked to play more

MrRandomist responds:

so you wanted more, but didnt like it too much....