Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

Insta win bug

Pressed Z = insta evolution won the game in 10 seconds heh ...

MrRandomist responds:

call it a gift from a forgetful programmer!


The premise makes no sense, and the opening comic strip doesn't help - I still have no idea why a lion would want to kill a single bug. I feel like ranged attacks should be something that comes later - there was no way to go feed on dead bugs without having your colony get bum-rushed by three or more bugs from the other side of the map. That, and this boss glitch you've claimed to fix is, well...not fixed. Staring at a broken game for any amount of time isn't fun.

MrRandomist responds:

sorry about that, update is in review right now should be fixed in the next 24/48 hours!
the idea for our game was lions shooting evil bugs, we didnt exactly like that theme too much, and we had to incorporate the lions in some how, you can thank the IdeaTron for that ;)

Good game mired by bad controls

Overall the game was good, a fairly decent defense game. The inability to see what amounts to half the screen keeps things frantic, even when you get to the point where you can mow down bugs with one shot. By keeping you moving it keeps things interesting. However while the game is never dull it does suffer from two issues. The first is the story, which doesn't make much sense, but since it's an arcade style game the story doesn't matter at all. The big thing is the controls. Tapping the spacebar with thumbs is slow and awkward. So the compromise I found was to shift a hand so that I could tap with the fingers. This meant while eating I either couldn't shoot, or wasn't ready to move. Now while eating and moving sounds redundant, during the more hectic moments screwing around with shifting hands really gets annoying. My recommendation would be to take out the jump, which is utterly useless, and reassign the eat function to the W key. Alternatively keep it at the spacebar, but switch it to a hold function, possibly freezing the bug and adding a meeter to measure eat progress. Either the tapping, or imobilizing the bug while eating will still keep the pressure of choosing between defense and growth, without the needless hassle of using the thumbs to tap or shifting hands.

Also, as a side note, this sort of game just screams for an endless/endurance mode.

MrRandomist responds:

everything you said is true, there is so much we can add and keep going, especially the endurance mode...that would be awesome!
as for the pressing space and having the need for a jump (changing/removing ect) is completely true but while doing tiny play tests while rushing the game it definitely needed some kind of jump even if it is redundant it just has some freedom to it but swapping out the keys (w to space) would definitely be a great thing to improve and make the game so much more playable!


fucking bugs fucking lag

MrRandomist responds:

fucking out dated flash player, fucking slow computers.


Eating took to long, later in game I died quickly no shure if I dident eat enofe or if the boss was just to hard.

MrRandomist responds:

well your not very good then are you.