Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"


It was fun for the first few seconds, just seems really repeatitive. I would've like to been able to jump.

MrRandomist responds:

you can jump after an upgrade! when you become a bug....

Same problem as some other people

when the boss comes, I just pan to the center of the pile. Cool game otherwise.

MrRandomist responds:

That should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvience...

Not bad

-It would be awesome if enemies were a different color. They aren't easy to see if they are on your hill.
-You should not share hitpoints with your hill.
-Add enemies that shoot. Give us a reason to jump - to dodge enemy attacks
-take away the ability to shoot while eating. It was way too easy.

This might make a good platformer too. Maybe a light story, different upgrade paths. Good potential.

MrRandomist responds:

i guess its just player prefrence but if we disabled shooting while eating a lot of complaints would come out :)
but you do state some good points that we could improve on!

Wait, what?

The 'theme' is 'Lions shooting evil bugs' when it's 'bug shooting other bugs'
And plus when I play, I have to hold space to collect any corpses and it's annoying and now my thumb hurts from mashing it. Maybe just have to press space instead of hold it? Was also pretty short.

MrRandomist responds:

yeah we just like to use dirty tricks so we can make a stronger gameplay...
we didnt like lions and tried to push that out of the way as much as possible, we just wanted bugs!

Fun game

ok so this one was cool, and i really like how you added alot of medals, medals always seems to make for a better game but you did add a good amount and some ok variaty in there so nice job on that aspect of stuff, really nice work here, Took a little while to load up but it was ok, I love the {COMIC-STRIP} style at the start that was pretty nifty, so nice job there, and great music aswell, very fitting for the gameplay, The idea was pretty good and it was an overall fun game, some {COLOR} would have been nice added to the black and white style just a bit here and there wouldnt hurt, but other then that it was a fun little game, so nice job on this one.

Add some color as mentioned above

Fun game nice gameplay


MrRandomist responds:

theres red, thats the dab of colour otherwise its black and white which is part of the style...
otherwise thanks!