Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

Good Game!

Its a Good Game!!!

MrRandomist responds:

yay for the 10'er!

Wow! just. wow

I got really surprised how fun this game was, I actually got sad when I won the game! xD I wanted to see all the upgrades, so yeah! GOOD JOB MAN! 10/10

ps, a sequal would be awesome

MrRandomist responds:

if you really want a sequel PM kembry and convince him ;)

yay yay i won

awsome it sead o, non nom haha i got a metal for eating my own kind

MrRandomist responds:

you disgust me.

Very Nice

good game, but to short. i like the evolve feature. if you make a sequel or want to update this one, please make survival mode =D

MrRandomist responds:

sure that would definitely be on the list! if you want some sort of sequel i would PM kembry and convince him, in doing so.

Very fun.