Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"


Well, it delivers what it promises. But it's not the most fair game in the universe.

For starters you can simply shoot straight left or right to kill every single ground bug that comes from either direction. The only reason you have to leave the nest is to eat. However almost no matter what you do your nest's health will run low or out completely by wave 5 simply because of the flying insects alone. Not only are they too fast to shoot out of the air, but they have enough health to take out a sizable portion of your nest even as you shoot them down.

It's quite frustrating to be shooting as soon as possible at one and still see it cost your nest near a third of it's life.

MrRandomist responds:

we will be making gameplay adjustments most likely in the next few days, we tried to to tweak it as much as possible in the few minutes we had to do so before time was up.

End boss glitch fixed my ass.

The game was overall pretty good , gameplay was decent. Nice music , and overall cool art.

But there could be some serious improovements. For example , What about a crosshair? The fact that pretty much everything is white doesn't helps if you have to aim with a white mouse. And , just like pretty much everyone under me says , The end boss just does not dies. And if he touches your pile , you end up staring at the pile in the center of the screen. Enjoy staring at it. Not to mention , i doubt i can kill the boss before it reaches the pile , so , is the boss invencible? I don't know , but he could go fuck himself for all i care, i don't really mind an invencible boss , because you could evolve before he reaches the pile...Well , i doubt it , but who knows. What i want is SEEING THE ENDING. Not a blank screen with a pile of trash on the center.

Overall , the game wasn't too good , i would give it a 5 , under normal ,circunstances , but the fact that it was made in 72 hours pretty much sums up the explanation of all the glitches. So , to end this review , i think that i might give it a 7/10. Aprooved , but extremely average.

MrRandomist responds:

sorry about that, update is in review right now should be fixed in the next 24/48 hours!
it seems as though it wasnt fixed but i was given a new version of the game this morning, and i have updated it...

Thank you for your extensive review! and we thank you for your 7, and we will take your review into consideration when updating or even making a possible sequel...

Great but room for more

The game was fun and the concept is good, but adding some different kind of weapons and perks (like flying maybe) would make it even better.
The ending was just a quick cut to the end, I didn't even see the boss die. A quick shot of him going down or something would make the ending a little more satisfying.

MrRandomist responds:

definitely! but as you should know we completely ran out of time, and as it is we had 22 hrs left to make this engine, which was quite bugged....maybe next time :D

Too simple.

and weird.

MrRandomist responds:

and thats the great thing about it ;P

I liked it but...

When it was over it felt like things were JUST picking up.

MrRandomist responds:

well i guess longer is better?