Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

Oh dear, such a shame!

Brilliant game and unique art style!
Points to consider:
-Fix the bug/glitch on when the boss occurs, because it freezes
-try and make the bugs easier to distinguish,because its really difficult to tell the difference
-Make the game LONGER! It has a hella lot of potential! I don't think me and many other people want it to end at wave 10! :)

MrRandomist responds:

its great to see that people want it longer :) but we did run out of time for the game jam maybe next time ;)

Good fun but ..

Fix the already mentioned bugs and would be much more fun.

MrRandomist responds:

its currently in review, you'll just have to wait 24/48 hours for the update....

Good concept...

I think that the gameis O.K. but I really don´t know how it got to the front page.
The concept is good (not VERY original, but good). The game froze when I got to wave... I don´t know, around 10, but I could see that the gameplay wasn´t soo great...

Also, you could have a larger window, you can´t see anything, unless you are un the exact center of the screen (where you can´t eat)

MrRandomist responds:

it got to the front page because it was apart of the 72 hour game jam :)
and being one of the 'better scored' games, i guess.

we will take your feedback into consideration when updating!


i got to wave 10 then the game froze

MrRandomist responds:

:( sorry about that, fix is in approval stage, you will have to wait for 24/48 to play again....again we are sorry for the inconvenience!

Great idea

i think this game has potential!you have to work it out a little bit more...im looking forward for the next one or version 1.1 ;)

MrRandomist responds:

haha, we'll try to fix it as best we can! and hopefully our other artist will want to make some sort of sequel...thank you for you kind review!