Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"


i got to wave 10 then the game froze

MrRandomist responds:

:( sorry about that, fix is in approval stage, you will have to wait for 24/48 to play again....again we are sorry for the inconvenience!

Come On

don't say you fixed the boss glitch when you obviously didn't

MrRandomist responds:

sorry about that, update is in review right now should be fixed in the next 24/48 hours!
we thought it was fixed, but i was given yet another version from the programmer this morning....


No color, Takes forever to get past the opening "slideshow", after the "slideshow" is over a very disappointing game, takes forever for enemies to appear, not very challenging, short, all in all not very good sorry man. Add some color and a little better programming and you might have a decent game i like the devoring and evolving part but without the rest of the game being good that alone cant save you. And the devour/evolve aspect is the only reason you got a 1 instead of zero. try again man ur almost there

MrRandomist responds:

:( oh well.


i broke the square button

MrRandomist responds:

:O your mum is gonna be soooo angry!