Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"

It was pretty entertaining

I like the setting, as well as the genera idea. And how you refuse to take it seriously.

My only constructive criticism is that it was really slow in some parts. Having a scene drag on for the sake of humor is funny the first time, but when your flash is made up of a series of "long dry pauses" it starts to get stale.


I enjoy the main character very much so. However as stated before, the storytelling, mainly near the beginning and especially at the subway scene was S L O W. I got it, the guy blew into pieces, there was little reason to show each piece for 5 seconds. And the conversations were usually "words" [wait a couple seconds] "words". Make it like a real conversation, a little quicker there too.

The animation is good, the story is likable and I enjoy the main character. Very promising series.

A fresh breath

Yep, this was hot! Though the story had some quirky holes in it, I think you did a great job piecing together a first prt. As has already been stated, a lot of the timing is unrefined in such a way that it steals from the momentum of the entire piece. Things that should not be under-addressed are many, and I insist timing is of the upmost importance especially with action oriented scenes.

I too am looking forward to some wonderful work from you as this series and you skills develop! Keep it up buddy


Well, that is one fucked up new series.


You need a faster frame rate or just less pauses in between scenes. Otherwise it was enjoyable. Also the world is wondering how his feet got out of the subway tunnel. Well maybe not the world, just a small percentage of Newgrounds though.