Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"

(:<on the arm?

Was that an accident or on purpose


total iron giant STATUS RIGHT THERE

Great job!

I was drawn in throughout the vid. Great animation, the voice fit the guy perfectly... Overall you did an awsome job and looking forward to future installments.


Excellent - what made it for me was the little twist on the stereotypical hero. I look forward to seeing more.

As for the pace - I thought it was almost spot on. Enough delay for tension building, without so much it felt unedited. You don't have to pander to the short attention span if you don't want to! Keep up the good work!

while i appreciate the story and such, i think you misunderstand the force and trauma differences between a gun and knife, if a pistol cant penetrate skin, how would a knife? anyways enjoyed the animation, lets see the next