Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"


Brilliant piece fo film right there :p really enjoyed it and it kept me interested. The only criticism i have is that certain parts are left too long without any progression or action, for example, the part where he is standing on the tracks and the train is steadily getting closer, is left for too long, and makes it too predictable (not to be rude :P) just some faster movement of the story would make it a definite ten!


I really enjoyed this Animation, some nice new ideas and some great Animating. Voice acting and timing were perfect.
I especially liked the part where he thinks to himself (Don't read this if you haven't watched the Animation already) 'I realised that Subway Train should've killed me'. Very funny and great timing.
I do agree with some people, that at times it was slow, but I didn't mind. It set a good pace for the Animation.

shoot to the face!! lol

very funny i would like to see more episode. too long on dramatic pauses


I'm giving you a 9, because you spoiled the mood at the end. Putting that silly song.

Tsst, tsst, tssk.

No, No, No.


good story bra, just need to work on the animation a little.
@machia, holy shit i thought that exactly when watching it haha