Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"

Speed it up!

I really enjoyed it, but some advice for next time: speed it up a little! there were a lot of waiting points throughout the animation where I just huffed and waited for it to shuffle along a little bit. Apart from that, good job!

Pretty good.

I thought it was enjoyable for the most part, when he came back together in the subway, it took forever. Also, main character reminded me of fry from futurama.

Well it's not Gold

But it is very much SILVER JERRY! to rip off HDD.

Well done. I like good storylines. I am curious what happened to him after he kills the beast out in the open in front of tons of witnesses. Does he go to jail? Fair trial?

Oh well, it's left up to my imagination.

its slow but still good

make the next one faster and you will have 10/10 material

He's better then wolverine!

it gots good story too by the way :)