Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"

Very Nice

Quite lengthy & deliciously horrific. I certainly did not understand it, because it was quite absurd, but I liked the horror, characters & art. It had me chuckling in many places.

A Fair Start

It's obvious you put some work into this flash. The concept and story are fairly well thought out, but the pacing, animation, sound effects and voice quality all need some work. Keep at it; with a little polish I'm sure the could be a classic NG series.


how the hell does a knife enter his skin when a bullet wont? is he using a pellet gun? idk maybe it was ment to be funny.


I enjoy the main character very much so. However as stated before, the storytelling, mainly near the beginning and especially at the subway scene was S L O W. I got it, the guy blew into pieces, there was little reason to show each piece for 5 seconds. And the conversations were usually "words" [wait a couple seconds] "words". Make it like a real conversation, a little quicker there too.

The animation is good, the story is likable and I enjoy the main character. Very promising series.

meh i'd watch it

it was ok, I laughed more at the fact that he was eating cigarettes and talking about how a train should have killed him rather than the actual flash.