Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"

Well it's not Gold

But it is very much SILVER JERRY! to rip off HDD.

Well done. I like good storylines. I am curious what happened to him after he kills the beast out in the open in front of tons of witnesses. Does he go to jail? Fair trial?

Oh well, it's left up to my imagination.

Notes for the Next Episode

Assuming there will be one:

1. Abrupt endings are BAD.

2. Speed up what goes on, I mean, it feels like this movie took a lot more time then it should've taken to get a point across.

3. The Audio Portal is a nice place for music, you know.

Anyways, alright start, could be better.

Very funny!

Good timing :) Enjoyed it a lot!

Liked it, but...

I thought that it would tie that episode up really nicely if he cut off the beasts' head and delivered it back to the elf for payment. I mean...the last shot basically begs for it and I was fully expecting something of the sort.

Otherwise, that was pretty darn good. *golf clap*


Nice Video!
Need a little more of a effort on the 2#, but the history it's just great.

Want to know wich is the final music on the credits. Anyone know?