Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"



Ambitious and awesome :D

I had no idea the scope of this project when I voiced it. I'm really really really honored to have been a part of this.

Seriously, it's rare for a full blown episode with an actually beginning, middle, and end like this. I hope to work with you again (and now with my better mic)!

Now that

Was a good animation, it had everything, originality, humor, decent animation, all while managing to be interesting. The main character does look alot like fry which is ironic as this show is kind of the same type of comedy-storytelling hybrid that futurama is. Good job

Funny and Interesting

Not necessarily in that order :P. This reminded me alot of Shadowrun, and especially the blood-laden hilarious kind I typically play. Good start to a series; looking forward to ep 2!


scary as hell 0_0