Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"

Notes for the Next Episode

Assuming there will be one:

1. Abrupt endings are BAD.

2. Speed up what goes on, I mean, it feels like this movie took a lot more time then it should've taken to get a point across.

3. The Audio Portal is a nice place for music, you know.

Anyways, alright start, could be better.

Very funny!

Good timing :) Enjoyed it a lot!


Very comical and well animated. I enjoyed it! Let me know if you need a voice done again, i'd come off hiatus for your stuff.

Liked it, but...

I thought that it would tie that episode up really nicely if he cut off the beasts' head and delivered it back to the elf for payment. I mean...the last shot basically begs for it and I was fully expecting something of the sort.

Otherwise, that was pretty darn good. *golf clap*

It was good...

...but intentional or not, you lose style points for ending things at a lousy spot. There's always a good spot to end something and slap a "To be continued" on there, and where you cut off wasn't it. I'd say one last scene between Wojtek and the elf-father guy to cap things off would have worked.