Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"


AND AWESOME! not really this was terrible. Shoddy animation, terrible character development. Horrible storyline. And everything I've said up till now was a lie. I liked it want more and you better not disappoint, keep them coming. And keep them abysmally awesome.

Speed it up!

I really enjoyed it, but some advice for next time: speed it up a little! there were a lot of waiting points throughout the animation where I just huffed and waited for it to shuffle along a little bit. Apart from that, good job!

Very funny!

Good timing :) Enjoyed it a lot!


please make a sequel,cause the animentions are great,the history is funny and the voices is well selected


This thing seems appropriate to be made into a whole line of episodes and be aired or something! The drawing was great and the voicing was amazing as well!

Sequel comijng anytime soon?