Reviews for "Abysmal Adventures #1"

A fresh breath

Yep, this was hot! Though the story had some quirky holes in it, I think you did a great job piecing together a first prt. As has already been stated, a lot of the timing is unrefined in such a way that it steals from the momentum of the entire piece. Things that should not be under-addressed are many, and I insist timing is of the upmost importance especially with action oriented scenes.

I too am looking forward to some wonderful work from you as this series and you skills develop! Keep it up buddy


just too long a bit slow and not that funny honestly


The idea is okay, I guess... the execution not so much, at least not for my tastes at least. The story-telling was very, very, very, very s l o w. Try to speed things up next time by storyboarding, if you don't already, or getting someone to proof it.

The animation/art also needs some work in my opinion, but it's a nice start. My main problem with it was the pace. Slow. Very slow. Otherwise, it has potential.

Wait, why didn't the wizard cast the body repair spell on himself? It would've saved him a lot of trouble.

MaxWerkmeister responds:

It was going to be revealed in a later episode that the wizard had set the situation up as a social experiment -- "gifting" a Good Samaritan eternal life, and then watching them slowly realize what a curse it really is. Wojtek, ever the optimist, wouldn't register this the way he & his cohorts were hoping.

But since the series didn't continue, this detail is rendered an odd oversight in context and, thus, a fair criticism.