Reviews for "SteamBirds: Survival"


I really enjoyed this. The turn-based combat is a great idea! I would have appreciated a little better tutorial though. All the same, this was a lot of fun

Great Game

I really enjoy this game. Although it doesn't change much it requires a bit of thought and strategy to hold out for the longhaul. I love the fast, zippy, acrobatic planes. I like the different options the power ups give you and used together can be quite formidable - like use a poison cloud to direct your pursuers then dropping some bombs and blowing a whole bunch of them out of the sky.

great concept

how about incorporating this into a story and by "this" i mean the earning money and buying better planes and try i steam tanks and steam navy


Awesome game - Gets a little repetitive after the first few plays, but still a really grand game.


i would ten it buddy but the controls for laptop users were a little bit sloppy...yet again i dont know if it was just me ,but a very good game indeed