Reviews for "SteamBirds: Survival"

Pretty good game, would be nice to have the option to adjust how many enemies you're facing, like for example, I like the dart plane, but it doesn't face hordes of enemies, so combat is less intense. Another nice addition would be different icons for enemies off your screen, like a square for a big slow enemy plane, and an arrow or lightning bolt for a fast plane. those fast ones always come outta nowhere and get me, and there's no way to distinguish them when every enemy is just an arrow on the edge, as it is you have to scroll the map every single turn to scout for the dangerous fast planes. On a side note I can't seem to get the free plane for the newsletter sign up.

I love this game. it's been in my favourites for a very long time and is a fallback for me whenever I want to play something and nothing new is worth my time. My only real complaint is...when I fire something off, i.e. a bomb, knowing I am about to die, that often in my last turn I take out several enemies and get no credit for the planes I killed, or those that would have downed the very next turn due to my action. otherwise, keep up the excellent work and show me some more turn based amazingness. there's not enough of it here.

allurbase costs to much but everything else is just fine and i think the allurbase should cost 1,000,000.

Bunni-F3 is beast!!! (first try score 18.000 aproximately)

you should be able to select a target for your missiles
mine always go in the wrong direction.