Reviews for "SteamBirds: Survival"


Really having a lot of fun playing this and trying to learn everything. Good work guys.


Double Rainbow reference XD
What are the chances for that set to in the game? Once in a hundred? A thousand?

But on to the game.

It reminded me of a game I played here a while ago; Narcolyxii. You were a man trapped in a dream, and relived the same battle over and over again... but you could make subtle changes each time.

This had a similar premise; fight till the death again and again, but this time, added a layer of despair and hopelessness that I absolutely loved. The same would not have been true were it not for the quotes printed with each wave; those just made the game for me. It gave you an idea of the scope of your actions; the scope of the war. Paris nuked? Yeah. That kind of thing.

Brilliant game, mate.

Almost perfect

Really enjoy playing this game, the only thing I would add would be more stats. I.e., I would like to know how many planes I killed each time, how many of each type I killed, what my best score for each type of plane, etc. Adding medals for, say killing 5 Behemoths in one round, would give me more to work for than just earning copper. But still a fantastic game.

Great game

I really liked this better than the first one. I don't know what people are talking about with the Axe. I love that plane. If you know how to use it properly, the speed and armor don't really factor in. The Zeppelin is a bit pricey, but I guess it's something to work towards. I think the buying a new plane system adds a little more believability to the series. You can't always upgrade everything you have. Especially in a game with WW2 era planes. Over all I thought the whole game was awesome. Can't wait for #3


i LOVED steambirds, this one is even better
hell i had one hard time on steambirds but the whole upgrade thing AND being able to use different airplanes makes the game a lot better and makes sorta more sense(like having more than just one plane like the first steambirds)

great game, great concept, great play style, also points up for the upgrades and being able to buy new planes

10/10 for all this
well deserved