Reviews for "SteamBirds: Survival"

Great game

Made it to Wave 33 with the Allurbase. and made the top highscore with the Cockroach-Z9. Lol the cockroach is pretty funny though, round them up then let it rip, or till ya die, either way it was pretty funny.


Got to wave 14 in the Looper-P200

Fun game, I only dockled one star as you can't direct your allies the way you could direct your buddy in the first one. I can't understand making them be basic planes, but my buddies aren't even good as cannon fodder.


pretty good game

Panda poet

by far the most well-rounded free plane there is
Its fast manuverable durable and well equipped
Fuckin awesomest game ever.

awsome game

i played the original and luved it.... and to the person below me wtf!!!

this review place is to review the game not to premote an outside website