Reviews for "SteamBirds: Survival"


great game, it is good quality great graphics and among other things i have alot to say. first off, i think other then the allur base, i think the axe is the best pnale, it has incredible range, and wide firing angle, i got to around 100,000 on it , which is alot ofr me, and second , i had no bugs whenever i played, it must have just been on some connections overall great game, still think the allurbase is overpriced

Simply, amusing and bit buggy.

I had loads of fun playing this game. Destroying enemy planes, getting into games atmosphere (Which fits for me very well for some reason). Music is great and sounds were ok. I have nothing bad to say about graphics neither.

The game has couple problems and cons though.
1. It's bit buggy. I saw some reviews about everlasting poison gases. That happened to me too.

2. This is really not a problem, but a point of view: I would've loved to upgrade my planes rather than always buy a new one. I think best option would've been if you had to buy new planes, but still you could upgrade them to certain point. You couldn't upgrade old plane as much as new etc etc.

3. I don't know if I did something weird, but for some reason my game progress was lost during play! I was half way of buying Allurbase when suddenly somekind of "reset" happened. To be more specific: this happened after my plane fell down, end of match and then I had some green planes on my screen when I was supposed to pic a plane. When I pressed play. Game went to tutorial. I quitted since I didn't want to play it.. And my progress was gone.

But.. Even with some bugs this is a great game. 8/10 because of bugs. Sorry for being bit harsh and thousand thanks for great game and saving my boring evening!


great game, i love it

Great, but needs little tweaks

I have to agree with the guy below me about the Axe..

The idea is awesome, the game play is almost perfect.. but many.. if not most of the planes are pretty useless. If you got rid of all of them and used an upgrade system with a handful of different chassis this would be a really ridiculous game.

Suggestion for Steambirds 3:

A few different chassis varying in speed and armor as to leave upgrades to the player.

The ability to earn and add different guns varying in range, speed and power.. the ability to earn and add different armor packages or engines to adjust speed and strength.. the ability to earn and add aerodynamics packages to increase maneuverability.

The ability to add skills based on a points system tailored to the chassis. (ie. Heavy planes get more skill points)

You could still "sell" guns and armor to generate your return.

Otherwise.. what you have here is very good.

Great stuff

Really great game, brought me back to play again.

Only thing I didn't like was the axe - The only thing going for it is it's long range guns and their wide firing angle - both of its special abilities mean that it doesn't shoot them and all of your allies have been killed by the zeppelin on the second round while you are still half a screen away. It's slow and doesn't have enough armour. Because it is so slow the dusters can run rings around it and jam the guns for three turns. It then runs so slowly there is no chance of escaping so it just a matter of how many shields you have left until the whole group of planes takes you down. Given how much grinding you need to do so as to buy it it was a real disapointment, and made me decide not to bother grinding for the zeppelin, I can't be bothered to do another 50 games with the bart to make enough money. Grinding is all well and good, but there is such thing as too much! It really needs loads of armour so that it will be able to hold up among the dozens of little planes flying around it, or better skills that enable you to make use of the guns (preferably both)

But until the axe it was a good game.