Reviews for "SteamBirds: Survival"


great game but why are the AAguns shooting at u when youre defending england its like messed up the way they dont shoot anyone else

Good game

This game is very interesting!
I play to absorbed!

This game is crazy!!!

I didn't win this game!!!

It is too hard to win.

But,I will win it next time!!

All round good game

Fantastic all planes are well balanced and all have there pros and cons. Very enjoyable and addicting

The further you go, the worse it gets.

I really enjoyed this game until I got to the Jouster. That thing was absolutely useless, so I went back to use the NeverSlow and even the Looper, expecting the Axe to be a lot better as it was the final plane that could be feasibly obtained. It was even worse than the Jouster.

Way to ruin a possibly fantastic game.