Reviews for "SteamBirds: Survival"


My only complaint/request: I would have liked to control and/or customize my whole team, but the absence of that isn't enough to keep me from giving a 10/5. I hope you plan on making more.

needs some improvement

The game is good no doubt, but i have some real big problems with it. First, first aid kits will almost never appear which is a good thing somewhat because if they appeared all the time the game would be too easy but the problem is that 1 in 30 of the planes I shoot down drop a med kit. In other words I will almost always die before I find just 1 med kit in a game. this makes using the planes that don't automatically have the first aid a pain (almost useless to me) to use. secondly whenever I shoot down a plane they should not be able to attack you while they are in a "going down" state. But of course that's not the case I have had planes actually kill me with poison while they are about to crash which is not a big problem but I think there should not be a way for a dead plane to kill you after you shoot it down. Not to mention that some of the planes that use the poison are not even supposed to be able to use it (like the turtle-S12) I think its just not fair to the player to have to worry about the plane killing him even after they killed it while 6 to 8 other planes are trying to kill him. The third complaint is the money. Earning the money is fine but as you can see there are 2 types of money to have. The regular money from playing the game and then theres the kind where you have to sign up to a website to use. Now I did not sign up for the website but I'm guessing the main way to earn the tokens are from paying REAL money am I right? (If i am wrong please correct me) It is a stupid idea its just like a tease to the people that don't (and will not) sign up like "Yeah look at these awesome planes, you want them so bad don't you, yeah? WELL TOO BAD YOU CAN'T HAVE THEM LOLS." Finally some of these planes are just a waste of time to use like you look at the stats and think "man why would I use this plane". Personally I would have made it like an upgrading system. Upgrade your plane as you play customize it to your liking, add or remove any of the upgrades you do or don't want (with some limitations). so overall its a good game with just some things that bug the crap out of me. Hope I can see some improvement in this game.

What are the GP things?

Great game, I was just wondering what the GP things you earn are for? You get them for little in game achievements like making it to round 10 or killing 15 planes.

Inbox me if you know, thanks

bugs - read shoopdawhomp's review....

this bug has ruined the game for me. i used to love it, but it has been ruined by an annoying bug. pleeeease fix this, and ill give you a 10. otherwise amazing gameplay, storyline, and art!! make another!! :D


Even though i'm horrible at it, this game is awesome!