Reviews for "SteamBirds: Survival"

This is my FAVORITE GAME EVER on newgrounds! so simple, yet so AWESOME! :D

Get the Allurbase!

It's a wrecking. I think the fact that I played the game enough times to get that damn thing speaks to the replay value.

The Axe kills.

To me, the Axe is by far the the best plane here. With its huge range and 180 degree firing angle, nothing comes near enough to fire at it.

The Axe and Neverslow-36D

The Axe and Neverslow are my favorite with Axe's large range i can shoot da planes out wide and its 180 dgree range is awesome
Neverslow is very very fast good for a quick escape and fast shootin. AWESOME game!

Well there goes my free time.

Tremendously fun, and with plenty of variations to keep things from getting dull.

I still wonder why my country's anti-aircraft guns are targeting only me and not any of the enemies. But I'm willing to laugh that one off as a quirk of the game. Maybe a blurb is in order, such as "enemy commandos have taken over the anti-aircraft installations"?

I find there are only two planes worth playing: the Dart (500 CP) and the Axe (144,000 CP). All the other planes seem to have so many glaring disadvantages that there's just no point. The Axe is fun simply because it's a juggernaut of destruction ... however its lack of maneuverability is an Achilles heel that you need to be mindful of. One well-placed poison gas attack and it's all over for the Axe.

But the Dart ... the Dart is a thing of beauty. Unlike the NeverSlow, the Dart can actually come to a crawl when speed could get you in trouble, or it can pounce like a tiger with a burst of super-speed when you need it. Its guns are longer range than any enemy aircraft's, it has a nearly unmatched fire rate, and if you simply slow down before attacking an enemy head-on, you can almost always destroy it before it can get off a shot. Priced at 500 CP, Consumer Reports rates the Dart as "your best buy in fictional recreations of the Battle of Britain".

Ten out of ten, for keeping me coming back and not losing any of its appeal.