Reviews for "SteamBirds: Survival"

Great game!

I just can't tell you how awesome this game is. I found the first one great, but you guys really surpassed yourselves this time! Maybe you should make your sequel based on futuristic aircraft.

10 across the board for me, keep up the good work!


i love how people leave these long reviews that no one gives a crap aboutXD anyways awesome game!!!!


it's a good game, but just as i lost the game froze. and the copper counter kept running up, at an unstaple number per sec

anyways its a good game

BEST 2D game ever

I was TOTALLY hooked up to this game for 3 hours. But I wish you could make a series to this game but allow us to upgrade the plane instead of just buying it


Nice job! I love the idea of 2D, turn based, strategic dogfights :D

A unique and great game!