Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

7 out of 10 and 4 out of 5

Graphics 2/2 Very nice visuals
Difficulty 1/3 I like how it made you want to get the "good" ending.
Sound 1/2 Only a loop of music
Concept 1/1 Very nice concept
Replay Value 2/2 Try to get all 35 endings. This happens to take FOREVER!


It's not bad, and I probably didn't see half the endings, but I would have liked to see this actually use the medium. As is this could as easily be a pile of papers. If you could cut the different parts down and some scenes in place of static characters, this could probably be really good.

Good story, well-thought out.
Can we have scrolling up and down with arrow keys instead of mouse?


This would have worked better if you did it visual novel style. Scrolling blocks of text in a flash game = bad. Said style would also put the players in the role of the protagonist more effectively. Though you would have to change it to first person style, rather than third person, this makes more sense given that you are giving the player the choices, rather than the protagonist.

It's also really quite short, despite your complaints about the time it took to write.

Now being able to go back and make another choice if you get a bad ending is a good feature though. Most of these make you go through the entire thing again.

Your music selection is decent too, mindful of what would be appropriate for the events.

to much text

if it was an animatoin 9/10 but twas rubbish