Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

i have no words

this is amazing. everything is just piecing together. i love this with everything in me

Dark, very well done.

I appreciate how much work you put in this, I coded a choose your own adventure for my comp class in C++, and it still isn't done. I think in some areas the endings were too similar, and I'm still curious about what he did in Africa when he got drunk.
Overall, nicely done.

GregLoire responds:

I agree that some of the endings are too similar. I probably should have done something else with the after-concert park scene and the first Africa scene (if you fight Future Todd before meeting with Angela) that didn't involve going to the future. Oh well!

Great game, awesome story

I just got all of the endings in half an hour without the walkthrough. It was pretty awesome!


the story totally blew my mind. it was very exciting following the different storylines and some of the endings just left me with my jaw open, thinking "WTF!" (in a good way though ^^). amazing how some minor information the reader gains at one ending can change how the reader looks at the ALL the events in different storylines.
What i like too is that some things are left open for the readers fantasy. not too open so you don't get confused. it's just the right mix of information and reader fantasy that add up to the mysterious feeling as the story advances. really a great piece of writing.

Music was great too. just fits the mood.

Sometimes it felt a bit strange that the displayed characters were wearing the same clothes all the time. Changing the images according to the situation would have been nice (changing their expression on their faces was good though). backgrounds too. maybe a little bit like those japanese visual novel games?

again: awesome work! i enjoyed it very much!


Great game. Will play many times. Just a small tip. DON'T TOUCH STRANGE THINGS YOU FIND LYING AROUND.