Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

Great idea!

The idea is pretty cool. The story is confusing and some of the ending can get really boring. But the bottom line the consept of the story is pretty good and the music is excellent.

You should really think about placing the music on NG, I believe there are countless number of games and movies here that can be made with this sound track.

Also, you should really add Medals for each ending.


Seriously the depth of the story is mind blowing.
Since the other reviewers already praised it so much, i'll just skip this part and ask something
I got every ending but didnt understand what exactly did he do to break up for the first time with Angela when they moved to Africa?
Also, Future Todd once mentioned something (I think when they were in Africa) about Todd's reaction to some brain thingy.
Sorry if the details are there and i just didnt got em, it's really late here and am sleepy, gonna replay this tomorrow anyway.
Cheers, and once again, writer's got a brilliant mind.

A true adventure experience

With lots of ending options and the unexpected ending...this is one game one will play over and over again. And the music is great too!!


Great game. Will play many times. Just a small tip. DON'T TOUCH STRANGE THINGS YOU FIND LYING AROUND.


this game is aw inspiring, i mean the story is so incredibly written, it most certanitly points out the life of one who's was completely unfufilled, awsome game man keep up the good work in what ever you do