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Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


I loved piecing together the story through all the different endings. I liked how you tried to show FT attempting to be humane once or twice, and not just an ultimately bad guy. Though, he certainly isn't even close to neutral. The back button was a good idea. Not sure I would have pursued all the endings if it wasn't there. As it was, I got all the endings. The one about FT and his 'favorite' from the menu was pretty creepy. If I could give more points for the lolcats references (and angelfire and geocities), I would. Overall, really great job, very interesting and fun CYOA.


Utterly Amazing.
Great story line

And surprisingly enough I got all but two of them, without looking at the walkthrough.
Again though
Amazing. (:

i agree with centt

i started playing it yesturday and the unlocked stuff about your endings are nice i like the ending how the guy gets the ear piece and reboots it 0-0 its like his reviewing it all over again but anyway best choose game ever

That was amazing. You've really thought this out

Each ending revealing just a little bit more about the mystery of the situation, and then it rolled into one extremely believable story with no plot holes or anything. It was perfect.
I would pay to see that in a cinema - the story was sweet and scary. almost like the Butterfly Effect, except that your story seemed actually possible and dealt with real life situations.
Please make more. That was great!

i love game like this i love have such i long story line and having 100 and 1 endings!