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Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


I sat here for over an hour just reading all the possible endings. The story caught me by surprise with the darker turns and twists and Future Todd was interesting for me in the different roles he played depending on how you went through. By far I enjoyed the ending with Ashley and Todd at Clints wedding but even the darker endings were great. This is going into my favorites and I think I will revisit it often. 5/5 10/10 Tho one thing I wish was different, the truth about the ear piece might be hard for some people to gather but its not a big thing. Awesome job!

truly awesome

this game is truly awesoem i think i played it for almost 2 hours well to be more exact i red it but anyways its just awesome and i hope it comes miore stuff like htat !


This is way better than most "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories. For one thing, your decisions seem to fairly affect the outcome. If you have a bad outcome, it's because you made a definitively bad decision.

The plot is great. It really kept me guessing. Also, I had to get all 35 endings. Great job. I love this and your previous works too. Keep it up.

Just one hopefully spoiler-free question: In Ending #30, has Future Todd gone through with it or left?

Very good game

Very good plot, and a very good choose your own story game. The thing is, this game kind of reminds me of myself, and in the future i could have done something simalar to what future Todd did. You saved lifes making this game. Even though it wasn´t the happiest ending, my favourite was ending #27.

Dark, Deep, Wellwritten and Inspiring!

This must have been the best game I have played on NewGrounds in several years! Artists often seem to forget about the sheer "entertainment" value, rather focusing on popular gimmicks as seen is every other 13rd game in the dosen, forgetting completely about a wellwritten story.

This game really reminded me of the oldschool textadventures brought to us on the Commadore and later Amiga, and it's great to see these kind of games still do what they do best, enthrall!

The storylines were awesome, diverse, and all of them enthralling. You actually feel for the characters, like a great interactive fiction should make you. Chapeau!

Besides the actual game mechanics, I'm a great follower of the Chaos Theory myself, my life philosophy is a bit of a mix of (or rather a crossbreed between) the Chaos Theory and the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Furthermore, I saw someones comment say that he found your personal notes on the storylines as narcisstic, and he would have them removed if he were you.
I, on the other hand, find nothing narcisstic to be found, and think it's a great way to end a 3 hour journey.

I mean, after I was done playing the game, and had all 35 endings, I was full of my own interpretations of events in the game. Since it was so enthralling, it was very nice to see some "thoughts of the author" on several endings.

Before my comment starts to look like a rant, I will leave you with a "very well done" and hope to see more of your work in the future. This. Was. Awesome.


P.S. If you were to be interested, I'd love to share some thoughts on the Chaos Theory, just pass me a note!

GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed the little notes.

It's interesting that you mention chaos theory -- Jurassic Park was a really big inspiration for me when I was a kid (I read the book when I was 10 years old, right after the movie came out). In fact, pretty much all of my interest in writing can be traced back to reading Jurassic Park, which deals very heavily with chaos theory (to think, in the movie, the whole park might have worked out just fine if John Hammond had paid Dennis Nedry a little higher salary!).