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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

A nice new take on platforming.

The graphics are alright, but graphics don't make the game. The music is nice too, but all is average. That is, except the gameplay. The gameplay is new and something I have yet seen. Having your rockets follow your mouse involves some puzzle/problem solving making this more than just a platformer. I can't wait to see other versions of this game.

VicBiss responds:

Why thank you :D


I found that it can be quite annoying to have your rockets fail when you're walljumping. Honestly, I didn't really like the walljumping segments very much. If you can make that better (and the level multitasking), then I think you'll have a pretty good game.

VicBiss responds:

Haha, you should try EXTREME MULTITASKING :D


dont hold the space bar or your mind will melt

VicBiss responds:



I thought the game was OK. i always click off the screen whilst trying to walljump which is extremely annoying, the graphics were .. meh. but overall a decent game. i'd just make it bigger. Or just change how you did the walljumping. i hate walljumping.

VicBiss responds:

All good suggestions, thanks :)


The only thing i would like is a sandbox mode or a map builder with infinite rockets

VicBiss responds:

I'll look into that