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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

like it

neat! I liked the music and the concept but i had to throw the towel at that multitasking level.
great if u are looking for a real challenge.

VicBiss responds:

Yeah, it's a toughy

some suggestions

The game's good. No bugs occurred. The controls are ok.
Got to level 12 till it putme off. One extra second would have been enough...
Why don't you combine the demanded menu with challenges? Give them 100 instead of 50 rockets and 8 instead of 5 seconds etc. Once one played through it, he gets access to the "hard" mode and time attack. An always accessible menu makes a restart button redundant.
Besides you could add an exception: rockets == 0 && exitOpen == false -> restart

VicBiss responds:

The number of rockets goes down right after you shoot, not when the rockets explode, so when you shoot your last rocket you would immediately restart without having a chance to his that last switch with it.


OMG best game for a long time, really addicting.
How far did you guys go ?
I went 24. But this is really hard.

VicBiss responds:

Thanks so much dude :). Good job, yeah 24 is a bitch.

The Biggest Crap if ever seen!!!


VicBiss responds:

Atleast it's the biggest, thats pretty impressive, right?

Missing restart button?

Trapped in level without killing elements.

VicBiss responds: