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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

Cool idea, but like some others have said, needs a reset button or something. Got stuck in the Learn2walljmp level, b/c I ran out of rockets, so my robot just sat there, pacing back and forth over 3 squares.

it kind of...

man, this game is good, but too hard... you should think before making that wall-jump with the rockets...

but also the game turns boring at the first five minutes so you could make some adjustments

VicBiss responds:

Well thanks for playing and reviewing!

Are you serious?

The game is great and the graphic is not to shabby. The concept is really nice and I say it has a great flow.

"So why the low score douchebag!" You say?

No reset button T.T I got stuck with a level constantly and had to keep waiting for the bomb to explode. Then I figure...what if there wasn't a bomb and I had no rockets...

That...that really needs to be installed as well as a previous play back button to allow you to play other levels you already did. Be nice to practice once again <3

VicBiss responds:

Space douchebag :P

Lots of fun...

... but really REALLY hard using a mousepad :)

VicBiss responds:

Yeah, haha, try it out with a mouse if you get the chance :)

Cool Idea for ROBOT DAY!

cool game nice ideas for puzzles. its challenging and there are a good amount of levels-- well over 20.

only 8 stars because
1: the game gets repetitive, and only a few controls.
2: the color and background is a little boring. add some vibrance!!!

great game overall! hope to see more games from you

VicBiss responds:

Thank you :) I've got a new game comin out pretty soon