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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

ok game

needs a restart level button and consider an unlimited rocket mode

VicBiss responds:

Space and I was thinkin about that, but didnt have the time


it is rediculous. sorry....but geez it sucked. other than that it is a pretty ok game. i liked the rocket control but maybe you should think about making this a side scroller action game with rockets like those... just a thought.

VicBiss responds:

Woah I missed a review? Oh my gosh, well anyways, yeah I don't think I'll be coming back to this engine but if I do, a sidescroller does sound pretty interesting.

great :P

for me it was a great game
at least for one that was made in one day
i beat it but, it was hell lol

parkour level was very difficult ... at least for me hehe

VicBiss responds:

NICE you're like the second person to beat it :P

Rocket jumping

Once I tried to rocket jump I stopped playing, It was god awful at that part, the guy fell to quickly and it was a bitch to react to the other side.


VicBiss responds:

It's ok that you suck :P just playin, sorry it's so hard and the engines a little wonky.

the good, the bad, and the rocketeer

You don't need to tell us this was made in a day. I am glad you didn't spend any more time on this than you did coming up with the idea. The rocket physics are really dumb. for the first few seconds the rocket vibrates around your cursor and it's impossible to hit and and suddenly won't even go to the cursor. the wall jump is really dysfunctional and unenjoyable

VicBiss responds:

:C Sorry dude